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Oct 21 '14 - Tuesday Stuff
Hello again, and thanks for the e-notes Monday and today. Sorry to be slow getting something back to you!

Things are up and down, as usual. Getting the "down" bits out of the way first: my knee is better (which is an up) but it's still not all better, and the muscles and tendons in both legs continue to ache as a result. The aching is keeping me from sleeping very well, and not sleeping very well over an extended period is making me a little cranky. Not sleeping is probably not helping my knee's recovery either, so foo on that as well. I'm taking Excedrin, which helps, but I'm also taking Rolaids periodically to offset the stomach upset. Grr.

Akane is getting more accustomed to her blindness, and is able to get around okay. We're still waiting for an appointment with our vet to see if there's something that can be done for her short of surgery; more news on that as it becomes available.

Our Plymouth Grand Voyager is in the shop as of Sunday afternoon (well, technically, Monday morning) and will be there a few more days because the shop is backed up. Oil change was no problem; doing diagnostics on the Check Engine light is the holdup. More on that wehn we know what's what.

Moving on to better news: our weather is gorgeous. No rain since we've been home, and today the sky is Colorado Blue and reasonably un-humid, with no rain in the forecast. We may hit the 80s by this weekend, but we're mostly in the 70s/40s each day, and that is wonderful. Our new window is letting in lots of nice, cool air at night, so we really like that; and the heat pump is keeping the rest of the house nicely warm for when we wake up, so that's really nice too. (We keep it set at 66, which is just warm enough for Margaret that she can get by with a sweater and enjoy hot tea. Yay!)

While the only non-FOX Sunday afternoon game being aired here was the Chiefs (which I ignored), I did indeed get to watch all of the Broncos Sunday night, and that was fun! Included in the broadcast was a 45-second piece coming back from commercial which showed some of the Botanical Gardens Chihuly exhibit all lit up, and that was very pretty indeed! I'm glad your bridge friends were able to bully their way in to see it, and hope you get to see some of it online or on TV, if you don't decide to sneak in for a look-see.

On the Being Productive side of things, we got the Christmas Card commission done, as seen at the top of the page (click on it to see a larger version). The person commissioning it thinks it is wonderful, so we're all happy about that. We're also working on the artwork for the Springfield convention where Margaret is a guest in November, and that's coming together a bit at a time in spite of the lack of instructions we're getting from the con staff. (Very small con, very disorganized... but Margaret is Guest, so!)

That's mostly it for now. Enjoy whatever you're up to, have fun looking out of and playing with your spiffy new windows, and thanks for being in touch!

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