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Aug 24 '16 - Wednesday Again
How-do, and greetings on another Wednesday. We're glad you got your cookies and DVD, as well as the check for AAA. If I sent the wrong amount, my apologies; let me know what it should have been, and I'll make up the difference ASAP. As for the cookies, we'll be interested in your review of them, whenever.

Our weather has turned Bleah again. After a few days with lows in the 50s, we're barely making the 70s at night before heading back into the 90s during the day, with lots of humidity and not much wind. This too shall pass, but we really got spoiled by the nicer weather we had late last week and into the weekend. Here's hoping a four-evening spate of NFL will make it right.

Margaret brought home a very tasty sandwich from Jason's, which we split for dinner. She said it was called the Yankee something-or-other, but she can't remember what and it's not on their online menu. Basically it was a pastrami, corned beef and Swiss on rye bread, 3/4 lb of meat - huge and tasty! If we figure out what it was, I'll let you know. Whatever it was, it was wonderful!

- and thank you for making that possible.

Regarding our computer equipment: our scanner is a stand-alone scanner, as are all our printers. I've never been overly fond of all-in-one printers (scanner, FAX, et al) because if one part breaks down, we're usually out of business all around. And yes, our equipment is ancient by current standards; but it all works and works well, as long as we can avoid Windows updates.

Our software is similarly ancient, but - same story. We like what we've got!

As for Margaret and her current comic project, she is indeed taking a lot of time re-inking and reworking some of the pages. Why it's taking so long, I can't say; that's her project, and I mostly try to stay out of it other than to be supportive when and where I can. Stay tuned.

That's pretty much it for now. Have a good Wednesday, and see if you can't sneak in some cooler weather for us all!

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