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Oct 28 '14 - Another Tuesday
Howdy, and sorry for the delay in updating. I'm not sure why Tuesdays are so popular with me update-wise lately; I hope you're not too bored waiting for something to show up, and I really appreciate your ongoing correspondence in spite of my lack of reciprocation.

Anyway, another Tuesday. Let's see where we are:

We took Akane to the vet clinic, and managed to stump the vet. She doesn't think it's cataracts, because Akane's pupils are constantly dialated. Apparently that's not consistent with having cataracts. The vet is trying to get us a quickie appointment with a feline opthamologist for a better diagnosis, but that doctor (from Kansas City) is only in Springfield on Tuesdays, and is reportedly booked into December - longer than our vet is comfortable waiting. We could drive Akane to KC to see the doctor, but that's not going to happen.

So... we're waiting to hear whether the KC vet can sneak us in sometime sooner. More on that as we learn what's happening.

You asked about Ruby, whether it's worthwhile keeping her running instead of replacing her. A chunk of what was wrong this time around was due to rodent damage, and I'm not sure any models, new or used, are rodent-proof. The business with the rear wheel not wanting to spin is probably connected to the emergency brake; once it's cleared up for real, we should be good.

Mostly, it seems to me that the occasional maintenance expense is still cheaper than buying a newer vehicle. Anything used we might buy, we wouldn't know where the hidden problems lie. With Ruby, we pretty much know what to expect.

Now, if we could just keep mice and squirrels out of the engine compartment...!

Margaret was needing some lights and music (and dinner) Monday night, so we wandered down to Red Robin for an early supper and we had one of your experiences. To wit: we placed our drink order, and the waiter couldn't figure out how to provide the 10-calorie raspberry lemonade I ordered and brought a freckled lemonade instead - totally different drink, and not nearly so tasty. I ordered a diet Coke as a replacement drink, and the mix was way too sweet. I switched to water, but they eventually tinkered with the drink machine and provided a drinkable diet Coke.

Meanwhile, Margaret took your recommendation and ordered a fish sandwich on a ciabatta bun with a side salad in place of fries, while I ordered the Royal Red Robin with crispy chips instead of fries. This created the next hiccup, because our waiter was confused about whether we wanted the wavy-Lays type potato crisp things or the tortilla chips. It took awhile, but we got it straightened out and he went away with our order.

And we waited. We had lots to discuss, project-wise, so we made good use of the time while we continued to wait. Plenty of time for the diet Coke drink mix to get tweaked into something more potable.

25 minutes later our waiter wandered by to apologize, explaining that a kitchen printer had jammed so our order had never gone in. He placed our order manually with the cooks, and our dinner would be out "shortly."

Our dinner indeed arrived within five minutes; but Margaret's ciabatta bun had morphed into the regular sesame seed bun. (You're right, that makes for a very soggy sandwich, a definite forkburger by the end of the meal.) The chips were so salty I considered them mostly inedible, so I gave most of them to Margaret who managed to get through them. Our waiter eventually returned, divined that the ciabatta order had gone wrong, and apologized for the saltiness of the chips.

By this time the new(?) assistant manager had gotten into the act, apologizing for all the problems and concerned with whether or not we were enjoying the meal. Because we were our usual happy, jocular selves, she eventually told the waiter that she would comp our meal due to all the mistakes. We thanked them both and laughed off all the errors, and left a generous cash tip for the waiter. We had planned to order a pumpkin shake for dessert, but were afraid of making things worse than they already were. Definitely a Monday all the way around.

One final note: we were two of about ten diners during this near-dinnertime event. When we left, we noticed that the next-door Chik Fil-a was pretty much standing room only, with lots of cars cruising the drive-through. There were a lot of hungry people out there, but very few were going to Red Robin. This is consistent with all of our recent visits, which makes me wonder how much longer they'll be around.

So it goes. We had a good time in spite of the service errors, and the meal was free except for the tip, so we came away amused but well-fed. Dinner and an impromptu comedy skit, as it were.

The cold front has finally arrived, with some rain and lightning storms just past midnight. We were in the low 80s Monday, but not due to get out of the 60s today. Overnight low into Wednesday could dip into the 30s with frost warnings for some areas. All of this while we have a couple of blooms on our forsythia. Wacky times!

That's about it for now. More to come soonish; enjoy your cooler weather and whatever competence your Red Robin may provide, and we'll be in touch!

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