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Nov 27 '15 - What's For Dinner
Happy Black Friday! I hope you had a good dinner with Mary & Larry (and company), got lots of turkey to take home, and had few problems traveling. For that matter, I hope your Friday drive time was not too bad, and that the weekend finds you happily able to get anyplace you want/need to go.

We're getting lots of rain, as advertised. More to come over the next several days, flood warnings abound... good time to stay inside and enjoy hot things to drink.

Our thanksgiving was very nice and extremely tasty. The turkey breast cooked up beautifully and was one of the tastier birds Margaret has ever cooked up. All the side dishes were great, the pie was great... a wonderful dinner was had by all! (All two of us, that is.) The only disappointment was the Moscato, which was very dry and slightly sour. Probably more to your taste, wine-wise, but we'll use it in cooking. That aside, everything was wonderful.

Photos from the meal:

  • The Turkey Breast fresh out of the oven, a beautiful bird indeed!
  • Dinner, Tabled to show you what all was served.
  • The Plate, so you can get a better look at the main meal. From the celery clockwise: sauteed onions, sweet potatoes, Mary's cranberry relish, turkey, and stuffing, with mashed potatoes in the center. (And gravy!) Cope's corn in the small dish, water and Moscato in the glasses. Not seen here: rolls and the bunny tray.

  • The Pie, homemade and very tasty!

As for the kids, they ate their regular dinner and wandered off to nap while we cooked, served and ate our dinner. It seems that Nabiki and Tango were the ringleaders when it came to begging for turkey dinner, so we're no longer required to grease cat backs to get some peace in the house. It's more peaceful these days, but we miss the kids who created such chaos. So it goes.

As for things we're thankful for, you are very high on our list for lots of reasons. It's nice to have family who also counts as a good friend, and we're very glad you want to be ours. I know our lives probably don't make a lot of sense a lot of the time, and we're grateful you are so interested and supportive of all our craziness.

Speaking of craziness: at the moment we're thinking we'll stay home Friday and not get out unless we need to. Same for the weekend; we have lots of leftovers and tasty things to eat here at home, lots of work to do, lots of football to watch - hard to beat!

We'll call Sunday morning as usual. Enjoy your weekend, enjoy those turkey sandwiches, and be of Great Cheer!

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