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May 18 '16 - Home Again
Greetings on a Wednesday! We're mostly settled back in, the kids are re-acclimating after their stay in Kitty Kamp, the lawn is shaggy-long and too wet to mow... Life is good! We really enjoyed our trip out west, and appreciate all you did with us and for us. Lots of great photos and memories... many times over, Thank You!

The trip home was long and grey, and there were times during the first 90 minutes when we had near-zero visibility due to fog. (Not that it stopped folks on E-470 from driving at 85mph, of course. What's a little blind driving between friends?!) Margaret got in a couple of good naps early on, then perked up for the long afternoon drive through the drizzly rain, which worked out fine. The rain tapered off briefly around KC, which brought rush hour traffic to a standstill as usual. We made a couple of important stops - Russell-Stovers being among them, of course - and got home just before sunset, happy to be safely at the end of the journey.

Definitely not the worst trip we've ever had!

Things at home are fine, and the kids are happy to be back. Not much change in their routines, so their time away wasn't as traumatic as it might have been.

We're taking Heather in for an oil change and check-up, to see what's what with the battery and electrical system. More on that as we know what's what.

Speaking of batteries: it is best to not leave rechargeable batteries completely discharged for very long, as there is a chance they will never hold a charge again. Charge them up before you put them on the shelf, then do a quick top-up charge if need be just before using them. (Depending on the type of rechargeable you're using, they lose 1% charge per day whether you're using them or not.)

Also: it is better to let them discharge almost completely before recharging, as some types develop a "memory" if they are only used a little before getting recharged - meaning they will be out of power at what should be the 80% level, for example. Newer batteries don't have that problem, but the older ones are less expensive and are still widely available. Go figure.

Sorry to hear the Mio-type coffee syrup is pre-sweetened; that hadn't occurred to me, but makes sense of a sort given the folks it was probably being aimed at. You can toss the remainder if you want, as it was cutout-cheap to start with and we know where to get more if we want.

That's it for now. Enjoy your No Guests home, and many thanks for helping make this vacation such a great experience! Start thinking about future expeditions, enjoy your soup and ratatouille, and we'll be in touch again soon.


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