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Cake & Eggs - Apr 18 '17
Hello again, this time on a Tuesday. Hopefully you'll read your e-Mail and wander over here on what is normally a non-update day. If not, you'll catch it Wednesday, or whenever. Nothing of vital importance here today... just cake! (Seen above!) And it is a moist, delicious cake made from scratch, not a hint of Betty Crocker anywhere to be seen.

Many thanks for the latest package and t-shirt. Very clever shirts, and much appreciated! I had to explain the math one to Margaret, but she immediately understood "Never Trust An Atom." She's used to my wordplay, just not so hot at higher math. Again, thank you for making my birthday so much fun! We'll spend part of the monetary gift at the con in KC, and thank you yet again for that.

In the meantime, as long as I'm sharing photos with you, here's the cholesterol-filled part of our complete Easter breakfast (also featuring pumpkin bread and tea):

And some photos from the Ruby Tuesday's parking lot in Branson:

It's a little hard to judge the scale of the ferris wheel, but I'd guess each car could hold 6-8 people, so it's a pretty big structure. As always, click on any photo for a slightly larger version.

We had over two inches of rain in separate storms Sunday and overnight into Monday, so we're well watered. More rain due in for our weekend trip, but we'll play that one by ear. (It's too far in the future for us to take the forecast seriously.)

The A/C is working again, and we're happy for that since all the rain is making things very humid. Turns out there was a tripped breaker inside the outside unit, probably caused by a nearby lightning strike during one of the recent storms. A quick reset and some time to let the pressure build back up in the coolant, and we were back in business. Since this was a regular semi-annual maintenance call, we didn't even get charged for an emergency repair - so all around, yay!

Good luck with your sleep doctor, and stay tuned for more fun here, soon!

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