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Feb 25 '15 - One Thing Or Another
Hello again, this time on a Wednesday. A warming Wednesday, if the weather forecast is anywhere near accurate, leading into a stormy, sleeting, snowy Wednesday night and five days of Return To Winter. Whee.

Margaret left home yesterday morning about 8:30 to go to FOL and start her Tuesday Day In Town, while I settled in to write some e-Mails (including one to you) and do some accounting. A little after 9:00, Margaret wandered back into the house, exhausted and annoyed. Turns out she never got out of the driveway due to hard ice on top of the residual snow, and had spent her time trying to chop up the rock-hard ice with a hoe and a lawn edging tool. Being the independent I Can Do It type, she decided she wanted to do it all herself and not bother me with it, and didn't give up until she almost slid Heather backwards into a tree.

Needless to say, she wasn't particularly happy.

I managed to save Heather, then spent some time chipping up the ice in the driveway so that the sun would have some gravel to work with. Even after resting a bit, Margaret was too tired and annoyed to go to FOL. We ended up doing the errands I needed to do in Fair Grove (Post Office, Bank, Library), and I took her to Jason's where I had a Reuben and she had the Deli Deluxe. A little necessary shopping and a little fun window shopping at her comic book store, and she was in a much better mood.

The only downside to all that was, she'd managed to wreck her shoulder and upper arm, and my back, hip and leg were complaining about all the chopping, digging and walking. The sandwiches were great (and thank you, again!) and we actually got most of the shopping done that we needed to do, but doing art was pretty much out of the question. This too shall pass, and hopefully we won't have any more situations with driveway ice for a day or two.

Still: sheesh....

Anyway, you were asking about Margaret's cookies. The latest set included Cranberry Walnut Oatmeal cookies; Oat Cakes (the rectangular bars); and shortbread, cut either into circles or hearts. Nothing with licorice/anise, nor anything with mincemeat. Maybe you dug some cookies out of the freezer and were eating those instead?

Regardless, we're glad you're enjoying whatever you're eating, and hope you have enough to last you through the month.

We're still planning on getting out with Tim and possibly Phil this evening, but plan to be back home before the snow hits Wednesday night. The real mess is supposed to hit this weekend sometime, but that's far enough off that we're not making plans one way or the other right now. Staying home and doing art suits us both nicely, so once we get some Chinese food and socializing done, we'll settle in with soup and homemade bread for the duration and call it good.

I hope things are going well out your way, and appreciate your staying in touch. Enjoy the midweek, and I'll add more as the occasion warrants!

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