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Jul 29 '14 - Cooler Tuesdays
Hello again, this time from a surprisingly comfortable Tuesday - the surprise being that it is comfortable outside. We're happily getting used to it being cool and comfortable inside, but suddenly we're faced with nicer, drier weather outside as well. It's due to last a couple of days, so I'll probably have to get in some mowing sometime soon just to say I did.

We're short on rainfall at the moment, so we're keeping the food-bearing plants well watered. Next chance for rain is this weekend, but it's not a very good chance. Temps and humidity will head back up over the weekend as well, but we'll enjoy what nice weather we can get in the meantime.

Speaking of food-bearing plants, we had our first two pink tomatoes ripen up. They are plump and delicious, so we're glad to have them! I wouldn't call them "pink" so much as "pale." I suppose "pink" sounds better; in any case, we'll have lots more soon. Yay for free food!

Margaret is at FOL today, and she'll pick up a few more of her birthday freebies while she's in town. There are still a couple of very nice dinners on her schedule, but many of the others are narrowing down to free desserts of one sort or another. We're skipping the ones that are duplicates of specials we get anyway, like buy one/get the second at half-off from Ruby Tuesday's or the free appetizer or dessert if you buy an entree at Chili's. Still, she's done right well for herself this birthday season eating freebies, so no complaints there.

One interesting note: Red Lobster is no longer a part of the Olive Garden group. I don't know what happened, but they've gone separate ways. It looks like we can still use the Olive Garden cards you sent us at RL since they are "Darden"(?) cards - but FYI, in case you were thinking of doing the same. Check the back of any Olive Garden cards to see if they are issued by Darden, and you'll know you're good. (I guess.)

We'll try for Phil and/or Tim on Wednesday, and we have our friend from Florida arriving Thursday for Dinner & Chat somewhere - possibly Lambert's, or maybe Buckingham's BBQ. We'll see how that plays out once he gets here.

That's pretty much it for now. I hope your weather is less glisteny, and that the NPS computers are behaving themselves. More to come soon, so wander by regularly and stay in touch!

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