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Jul 22 '16 - Midtimes
It's Friday again! Many thanks for the various e-Mails, and again for the package, the birthday card and the enclosed check you sent for Margaret's birthday. We continue to celebrate a little here and there with Sue and company, but we'll get back to real celebrating once they've left. Still lots of dinner outings to negotiate, a movie to go see... stuff like that there.

Sue and company (daughter Elaine, Elaine's son Christopher - "Bubba" - and other grandson Chris) went to Branson Thursday to try out the zip lines, check out Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum, and wander through Bass Pro in Springfield. We met up with them at Steak & Shake for dinner in Springfield, so it was a busy day for the visiting team. Today Margaret will join them for a trip to Silver Dollar City, then I will join them for a BBQ dinner somewhere or other. Aside from the weather being unbearably hot and humid, it should be fun times for all.

And it is unbearably hot and humid here. Heat Index will hit 110 today, which is ridiculous. The extreme heat advisory has been extended to Sunday evening, originally set to expire today. Not sure who thought this sort of weather would be a good idea, but I hope they don't get re-elected!

Wednesday night we went out to Lambert's, and had a fun time there. Good eats as usual, and the kids thought it was great fun having rolls lobbed at their heads by a newbie. Lots of leftovers now fill out fridge, soon to be food on the road for the traveling crowd. Sue and company will leave Saturday, sometime, headed for Texas on their way back to Albuquerque.

We managed to ignore all the Republican convention this week, but like you were amused by the various hiccups and backsteps along the way. Sheesh.

One bit of excitement here at home Thursday night: a pencil-thick snake snuck into the living room. We spent some time trying to corral him from behind some furniture, but he disappeared, probably under the wall board. He's not a dangerous snake, just long and wriggly. Chances are he's slipped back under the house, but it made for a few exciting minutes as we tried to catch him. Our campers are dealing with snarling squirrels at night, along with the usual assortment of crickets and spiders and other wildlife. The joys of living in the woodlands!

I'll be sending you an invoice for August today. As always, thanks for your help there, as well!

That's it for now. We'll call Sunday morning, with our without our snake. Enjoy your Friday and your weekend, and be of Great Cheer!

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