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Sep 28 '16 - Urg
And here we are again, more or less. Today is a fill-in day at best, but overall we're doing okay; just in recovery mode of a sort. Monday was an absolutely beautiful day, so naturally we got out in the evening and did some much-overdue mowing. It was perfect mowing weather, and the only downside was that my leg and hip didn't take to the extra work I put into it. Minor detail, and it was better by Tuesday morning.

Tuesday afternoon we went to Springfield to drop off shirts and artwork to our tattoo artist friend, so she can take some of it to Archon in St. Louis this weekend while the rest will be on display in her shop during the Commercial Street Pub Crawl, or whatever they call it.

We then headed south to do a little banking, and got rear-ended in a 3-car collision. No damage to Heather, and no damage to either of us; the car that hit us got a broken tail light and munched up fender, and the truck that hit her ended up with his fender nuzzling his front left tire, making it undriveable. A minor mishap in after-school traffic. The downside was, we were standing around for almost an hour in bright sunshine on a busy street exchanging information and trying to get a tow for the pickup truck driver. Just as we were finishing up, a city police car showed up and had us hang around longer to he could fill out a report, getting all our information and a description of the accident.

You might recall that I'm pretty much a vampire, so standing around in bright afternoon sunlight was not great for my overall health. The police officer decided that we were not at fault, and since we had no damage or injuries, that we wouldn't even be included in the report. Off we went to the bank for some business there, then to Red Robin for dinner.

Thanks to you and your e-Mailed coupon/ad, Margaret enjoyed a free Tavern Double to go with my 'Shroom Burger. We chatted awhile with our manager about the lack of e-Mails on my account, and handed him copies of the e-Mails you've sent us, so he'll be doing what he can with all that. Meanwhile, our somewhat new waiter was having all sorts of problems with our check and gift card payment because the Kiosk didn't want to play. Over multiple sessions of Catch The Waiter, we got him to run our check manually, got the check paid, then chased him down one last time to get our gift card back. All of this added about half an hour to our checkout time, by which time I was starting to feel pretty punky.

Our last stop was to a nearby fabric store where Margaret had coupons and wanted to look for art supplies. (Odd store.) She ended up with a cute fox pin and a sewing knick-knack, and we went home by way of Strafford where we did some last-minute shopping for sale items.

By the time I got home I was pretty much wiped out from Advil, muscle relaxants and too much sunshine, so I went to bed to recover. About 4am I got up to work on today's Faux Pas, only to discover that my main art computer has developed a serious problem. (I suspect the main hard drive.)

... and here we are. Hopefully I'll get this and the filler strip online, at which point I'm going back to bed with hopes that things will be better when I wake back up. That usually works with Windows, right?

So, urg.

We'll be getting in touch with our roofer so he can pick up a check for the shingles and supplies, which will officially put us on his schedule for roof repair - probably in about 2 weeks. A quick call to our insurance company to let them know about the non-accident we were part of (in case one of the other insurance companies decides to call simply because they have our info; better safe than sorry, right?) No Phil & Tim tonight, so I'll be working on my computer while Margaret does a few in-town things we skipped yesterday.

And that's where we are. I hope your week is going better!

On the plus side, the weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days, so that's nice. We got into the 40s overnight into Tuesday, and into the high 50s as this is written early Wednesday morning. We'll be back into the 80s, but it's really nice having the doors and windows open with some breeze blowing through.

More later, once I actually wake up. Have a good day, and stay cool!

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