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Thank you for your interest in our work!

To order items from us, we need the following information:

      > Your real name
      > Your mailing/shipping address
      > The item(s) you want to buy, by title
      > How you want to pay - Check, Money Order, Credit Card or PayPal

We will send a return e-Mail or PayPal Invoice with specific payment instructions, and we'll set aside the item(s) you want to order.

If you want to cancel an order, just write to us again and we will put the item(s) back into inventory - and we promise not to hate you for changing your mind!

Click here to open your e-Mail program. Our e-Mail address is:

Our e-Mail Address

Our server at Earthlink has apparently been rejecting e-Mails from a number of different sources, and the technical staff at Earthlink can't seem to fix the problem. If you have been writing to us and not getting through, please e-Mail us at ozfox2@gmail.com.
Thank you, and sorry for the annoyance!

   Please make sure that your server and e-Mail program are able to receive letters from us. Some ISPs (notably AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail) try to prevent e-Spam by blocking off certain groups of addresses (like, anything from Earthlink, which happens to be our ISP). Make sure any filters are set to allow you to hear from us. If we write to you and it bounces, we're pretty much out of luck!

If you want to write to us the old-fashioned way, we're at:

R&M Creative Endeavors
P.O. Box 273
Fair Grove, MO 65648-0273

Again, thank you again for your interest in our work!

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