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When a plan falls through,
Something better could happen
And your night is saved!
- A Flexible Haiku    

It's Friday, and the weekend is here. Prepare to say goodbye to Mister Sun!

Here in the States, Eclipse Fever is at an all-time high. Come Monday afternoon, folks all across the nation will be rushing around, hoping to see something amazing as the sun slips behind the moon and magic comes into play. It's truly amazing that the moon is just the right size and at just the right distance to precisely mask out the sun, a blazing star which is much bigger and much further away. How spiffy of the universe to arrange things that way, don't you think?

We hope you find magic wherever you go this weekend. Whether there's an eclipse in your future or not, the world is a marvelous set against which all us players get to act out our parts. Make the most of your time on-stage, and spend a little time appreciating your fellow actors while time permits.

We'll be back on Monday in time to prepare for the light show to come. Have a fantastic weekend, and be of Great Cheer!

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It's Friday, so there's a new
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