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This is the Web home of R&M Creative Endeavors. Here you will find lots of family-friendly material relating to one of our favorite animals, the fox.

When looking ahead,
To work out where you're going,
First know where you are.
- A Lifelong Haiku    

Welcome back to the FoxWeb. It's Tuesday again, which again is not on our usual update schedule but is our working update day for now. Many thanks for wandering back by to see what's happening!

This week marked a milestone for Nikki, our newest feline daughter, who went to see the Kitty Doctor for the first time. Nothing about the experience bothered her; she was curious, interested and totally calm, the perfect little patient.

On the flip side, our youngest son Chris unexpectedly went berserk, screaming, hissing, thrashing around - an Oscar-worthy portrayal of a nightmare cat, which is totally unlike him. In order to get his annual shots, the vet had to wrap him up like a burrito in a large plush towel; and it still took three of us to hold him down so she could inject him in his furry hindquarters. We were scared to death he was going to break the needle off during the injection. Thinking about the doctor having to do an emergency feline needlectomy provided us a few moments of real terror.

Eventually all the kids got their shots and made it back home, but us humans were completely wiped out afterwards. Fortunately Christopher was the only problem child, and though the others were not too happy with the procedures they put up with it in quiet, grumpy grace.

As for Chris, he's safely home and acting very apologetic, once again the loving kitty he normally is. We're glad for that, but still wonder what set him off in the first place.

We hope the events in your life are the low-key, non-threatening sort, and that you are able to maintain an even calm while dealing with it. As for us, we'll be back (and emotionally recovered) on Friday. Until then, enjoy the midweek and be of Cheer!

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