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Whiskers are a clue -
But to gauge true annoyance,
Watch the twitching tail.
- A Catty Haiku    

Welcome back to Wacky Wednesday, and possibly the first snowfall of the season in Oz! Snow isn't that big a deal in some places, but we like to see a little now and again to remind us that Winter is almost here. Our chances of seeing a white Christmas are really low, but we still like to dream about it.

Meanwhile, the temps in Alaska are something like 30 below, and Hawaii recently saw a couple of feet of snow. We fully understand if some folks don't want to think about snow and cold and all that goes with it. Still, our very best recommendation is always hot tea, or hot cocoa, or hot spiced cider, or even hot buttered rum if you're one of those who goes in for butter.

Regardless, we hope you have a wonderful Wednesday, whatever your beverage and whatever your weather. Stay safe and be of Cheer, and we'll hope to see you here again on Friday.

Aloha - and sled dogs ahoy!

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WHAT'S NEW - Updated Dec 07 '16
It's Wednesday, and there's a new
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Margaret's comic book-style graphic novel, Tales of the ShadowWood, is now up to page 21 online, so check it out! A new page will appear every Monday.

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