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Looking for treasure
Involves a lot of digging,
Which could be worthwhile.
- A Fruitless Haiku    

It's Friday, and once again the weekend is upon us - the last weekend of the month, oddly enough. Funny how these things sneak up on you....

In Kitten News, Nikki is growing more confident in her walking, and is able to run considerable distances at surprisingly high speeds. She has climbing down to an art and is able to get up onto our bed in a few seconds using her built-in climbing equipment (tiny, sharp claws) and boundless enthusiasm... though "boundless" is probably the wrong word, as she bounds around quite happily at every opportunity. She is a regular playmate with three of the four older kids, the one hold-out being Kasumi, our eldest daughter, who tolerates the newcomer but is not impressed enough to join in on playtime.

By our estimation, Nikki will turn 6 weeks old by the end of the month. It's still fun watching her learn and adapt from day to day; she's a welcome if unexpected addition to the family.

Now, if we can just keep Life from sending another kitten our way anytime soon....

The heat and humidity are back full time, but we had a few days respite which was nice. If we could arrange Summers which rarely got above 80F with gentle breezes and lower humidity, that would be ideal. It ain't gonna happen in Oz, but that makes the occasional foray into nice weather all that much more appreciated.

We hope things are going well in your part of the woods, with a fun weekend ahead. Take care out there, beware the Delta Variant (which is running rampant through Springfield right now...), and enjoy Life. It's too short to do otherwise.

We'll be back on Monday. Be of Cheer, y'hear?!

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